Saturday, 19 October 2013

2013 Agm set for 17th October

See notice on allotment notice boards for further details.
The event has an election for a new chair and secretary.


  1. Hi Andy
    Just a thought about the AGM today, which I thought was very well managed. It concerns seed (and equipment) discounts. Robin at Evenlode D.I.Y. will offer discounts on Suttons seeds to EAA members as he did 15 years ago. In the light of the current policy restricting plots to Eynsham residents and the 'keep it local' retail campaign, perhaps you will consider talking to him (or his daughter Trish who manages the shop) as well as local garden centres. Feel free to drop my name to either of them, I used to be their accountant until I retired and still have a very good relationship with them.

  2. Graham, will do. Thanks for the suggestion.