Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Working Party This Sunday 10-12

1954 Reg Clarke
This Sunday from 10am we have a working party.  All are welcome.  Please bring spades & brush clearing equipment. If you have any power tools to help the work go fast then please bring them along.

The main task is to make big dent in clearing the ditch between the two fields, starting at the Wharf Road end. When brush is cleared it needs to be collected and piled onto bonfire(s) as needed.
Thence we need to try to get down the ditch as far as possible and help make it work properly as a land drain. Also there may be litter that needs bagging, and whatever else needs doing.

If we have sufficient volunteers we hope to do a second task which is to extend the hedge towards the main road outside Field 1, again from the Wharf Road end.

This is a great chance to meet plotholders you would not meet normally.  In the last Spring Working Party we did some ditch clearance and our hope is to extend that work.  We can only do it with your help!

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