Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hedge Working Party Sat-Sun 24/25th

Can you help this weekend?

We have decided to complete the hedge laying project along Wharf Road towards Oxford Road. This is a length of 32m that needs clearing. We'll start at 10am on both mornings and go for as long as necessary.

The work is to extend the Wharf Road hedge from Field 1 Car Park towards Oxford Road. In the words of project leader Peter, "This is the hedge left of the field 1 gate from the laid hedge to the Oxford Road. It could not be laid before because much of it was dead and there was not enough material. It needs all the dead material removed, the ground prepared and then replanting."

So our goal is digging out about 32m from the existing hedge towards Oxford Road. This means clearing lost of brush and brambles (and yes, having a bonfire!) and laying out the ground ready for the trees. Peter has already had one go at this, during the Autumn Working Party (while the rest of us were in the ditch/land drain).

We're trying to get this done this weekend while the ground is moist and relatively frost-free.

This will not involve any planting of trees this weekend. The idea is to prepare the ground so that, probably in the New Year, when after the frosts disappear we will plant the hedge seedlings.

If you can join us please do so at 10am on either day. Peter will lead on Saturday and Andy will lead on Sunday.

Useful tools include: spades, forks, sickle, saws, lopper, secateurs, bill hook and something to drag out dead wood.

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