Monday, 25 November 2013

Strawberry "Hapil" plants for sale to plotholders

Zac (field 1 plots 38 & 38a) has 1000 Strawberry 'Hapil' plants to sell. They were lifted from the field in October and he is generally selling them in 6 packs priced at £4.99, though happy to sell to any EAA members for £4.00 per pack.

Hapil is a variety bred in Belgium. The RHS awarded it the Award of Garden Merit in the mid 1990's for outstanding performance. The fruits are large and well flavoured. These have been grown in Stonesfield for many years with great success. Stonesfield has a stony, sandy-loam soil which dries out very quickly - so Hapil has proven good drought tolerance. Zac has friends who grow it in Combe (fairly heavy clay) with very good results. It is mildly susceptible to verticillium wilt although Zac has never had this problem.

If you don't spot Zac on his plot you can call him on 01993 898857 or email

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