Sunday, 5 January 2014

Keeping the cost down

When I started my plot I had a spade and a fork,and not much else.  Well that is perhaps an exaggeration, but it is certainly true that I don't have all the tools and so forth that enable me to work my plot efficiently.  Now obviously I could go off and buy lots of equipment new, but I have instead waited for suitable items to come available on Witney Freegle.

My latest addition is a table that someone didn't need any longer.  This table now sits proudly in my shed and helps me have a better organised shed.  Anyone local to Witney can apply to Witney Freegle, their web page has full instructions on joining.

Freegle works using email.  If you want something you send an email to the group explaining what you want. If you have something to give then, again, you send an email describing what it is you have to offer.  The number one rule of Freegle is that no money exchange hands: you cannot buy or sell.  The second rule is that the person who wants an item is responsible for collection.

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